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“Canes from Chrissy” is a program that was started by Team Chrissy, NFP in 2012. This program is a result of Chrissy’s need to use a cane. In 2010, Chrissy’s doctors had told her that in order to keep safe while walking she needed to start using a cane. Being 27 years old, Chrissy resisted the idea of using a cane because as she put it – “I didn’t want people to stare at me and I did not want to be walking around with an ugly metal cane”. Not wanting to see his daughter injure herself by falling, Chrissy’s dad purchased a couple of blank wooden canes and decorated them. One was decorated in a Chicago White Sox motif and the other was decorated with a Chicago Blackhawk’s motif, Chrissy’s 2 favorite sports teams. After seeing the decorated canes, Chrissy began using them on a regular basis because “they were cool”.

Chrissy had suggested that because she was now OK with using a cane, there might be more people out there who felt the same way she did. So in 2012, Team Chrissy purchased 75 blank wooden canes and reached out to area artists, art schools, businesses, sponsors and family and friends to volunteer and decorate a cane. The response to our request was overwhelming. We received 75 decorated canes back within the first 3 months and as part of Team Chrissy’s “giving back”, distributed them to individuals in need, free of charge at area events and at our own fundraising events. Now in our 3rd year and going stronger than ever, Team Chrissy has received and distributed over 200 decorated canes to needy individuals in the Chicagoland area.

The Canes from Chrissy program would not have become as successful as it is today without the “vision of the future” of a past Team Chrissy board member, Ken Bober. If it were not for Ken’s determination, enthusiasm, and efforts, Canes from Chrissy would not exist. Ken sought out artists, distributed the canes, collected the canes and instituted the voting and rewarding of the “favorite decorated cane” and it has become one of the most successful programs that Team Chrissy has in our ‘Giving Back’ to the community.

In order to recognize the individuals who donate their time and talents, Team Chrissy has set up on the Canes from Chrissy tab of the website the ability for you to vote on your favorite cane. The artist who receives the most votes from June – May of any given year, will be awarded with a plaque at our Bowling fundraiser which is held in May.

If you would like to decorate a cane, please click HERE to get in touch and click HERE to view the instructions on how to decorate a cane. If you would like to request a decorated cane free of charge, please click HERE to view the canes available for reserving. If you would like to look at the decorated canes and vote for your favorite one, please click HERE to see all the current canes up for voting.

Team Chrissy would like to thank you for your time and talents in helping us give back to the community. We are proud to be able to help and would not be able to without your generous support.